TAURUS JUDGE MAGNUM Magnum 45 Colt / 410 Mag Matte Black Oxide 6.50 in.

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Product Description


The Taurus Judge Magnum delivers an innovative and highly effective solution to close range personal and home defense. It utilizes a five-shot cylinder that holds both .45 Long Colt cartridges, as well as 3” .410 bore shot shells. Its .410 chambering makes the Judge Magnum an outstanding choice for applications in confined spaces such as in a vehicle or in a building, and the multiple projectiles increase hit probability while also reducing the risk of over-penetration. The Judge Magnum’s .410 compatibility also allows the user to tap into the sheer amount .410 loads, including buckshot, birdshot, slugs, and other cartridges. In addition to its excellent self-defense potential, the Judge Magnum makes for a perfect pest-control pistol, and can be carried on the trail as a “snake-gun”. To maximize projectile velocity, this particular model of the Judge Magnum is outfitted with a 6.5-inch barrel, and features a red fiber-optic front sight for fast, intuitive target acquisition. In addition, the cylinder, barrel, and frame are constructed from a high-strength steel alloy, and an ergonomic black rubber grip helps alleviate felt recoil.

Features of the Taurus Judge Magnum:

  • Chambered in both .45 Long Colt and 3” .410 Gauge Shot Shells
  • 6.5-inch barrel
  • High-strength alloy steel construction
  • Ergonomic black rubber grips
  • Red fiber-optic front sight


  • Item ConditionNew
  • Caliber:.45 Long Colt & 3" .410 Bore Shot Shell
  • Weight:3 lbs
  • Action:DA/SA Revolver
  • Safety:Transfer bar
  • Sights:Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Magazine Capacity:5 Rounds
  • Grips:Black Rubber Grips
  • Barrel Length:6.5 inches
  • Slide Finish:Black
  • Frame Finish:Black
  • Caliber or Gauge:.45 LC/.410
  • Pistol Night Sights:No
  • Optics Ready:No

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