Sightmark Wraith Mini 2-16x 35mm Thermal Rifle Scope 384x288 Resolution

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The Wraith Mini has evolved once again. Sightmark’s high performance digital night vision optic is now offered in thermal with the same peerless image quality, rugged durability and adaptability that customers have come to expect from the Wraith name. No longer limited to digital day and night vision, the Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescopec an now harness the power of digital infrared through its 384x288 resolution thermal sensor to provide users with crisp images. With five thermal color palette modes and nine reticle colors to choose from, the Wraith Mini Thermal is perfectly suited for any time of day and any game animal.


The OLED display provides rich color and temperature operation while its five configurable weapon profiles allow it to hold multiple zeroes for different types of weapons, eliminating the need to re-zero the Wraith Mini Thermal every time it’s mounted on a different rifle. Aside from these already impressive features, the Wraith Mini Thermal also comes equipped with a built-in camera with audio recording, capable of preserving the very best moments of a user’s hunt on a high-capacity memory card (256gb max).The Wraith Mini Thermal boasts a 1440 yard detection range and 2x optical magnification with 1-8xdigital zoom. Combined with its 1024x768 display resolution, this gives the Wraith Mini Thermal optimal image quality for close or medium engagements.


With rugged and dependable aluminum housing and temperature resistance from-4°F to 122°F, the Wraith Mini Thermal is designed for difficult outdoor environments and is built to last. With its battery life of 3.5 hours on video mode and 4.4 hours on preview mode as well as USB charging capability, the Wraith Mini Thermal is a necessity for night hunters everywhere.



  • Enhanced algorithms create crisp image quality
  • Rich color and cold temperature operation
  • Various modes for improved contrast for various scenarios/preferences
  • 10 Reticles for preferences from minimalist design to complex for holdevers
  • Ability to hold five zeroes for different bullet grains or weapons
  • Built-in Recording w/ Sound



  • Flip-up Covers (Front and Back)
  • Removable Throw Lever
  • Rubber Eyecup
  • 2x CR123A
  • USB Cable