Henry Big Boy Eagle Scout Centennial Edition 44 Magnum 20″ Octagon 10rd

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To showcase this historic milestone, each Henry Big Boy rifle is etched with the Eagle Scout Award Medal and selectively nickel plated on the right side of the receiver with an American style scroll pattern bracketing the medal and the banner with the words THIS I PLEDGE MY SACRED HONOR. These words are the closing line of the pledge that is recited to every Eagle Scout at his Eagle Court of Honor as a reminder of what has been achieved and what is promised. A black fill is baked into the side of the brass receiver to highlight the medal, scroll, banner and text. This special Henry Big Boy Eagle Scout Centennial Rifle is a symbol of American Pride, a reminder of youthful success, and a commitment in adulthood to the ideals of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Henry Repeating Arms, Big Boy, Eagle Scout Centennial Edition, Lever Action Rifle, 44 Magnum, 20″ Octagon Barrel, Brass Receiver, Engraved Receiver/Stock/Forearm, Side Load Gate, Fully Adjustable Semi Buckhorn Sights, American Walnut Stock, 10 Rounds

  • 20″ Octagon Barrel
  • 44 Magnum
  • 10 Rounds
  • Brass Receiver
  • Side Gate
  • Eagle Scout Engravings on Stock, Forend, and Receiver

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