Weaver Gunsmith Multi-Bit Tool Kit

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Product Overview

Whether you're a beginner or professional gunsmith, the Weaver MultiBit Gunsmith and Reload Kit will help you get the job done. This Gunsmithing Kit from Weaver comes with quality bits and drivers and are big on options for any of your shop or home gun smithing needs. The Weaver Compact MultiBit Gunsmith Kit includes a magnetic tipped hex bit driver and a variety of tool bits. The Weaver Gunsmith Multi Bit Tool Kit 849718 is perfect for the gunsmith looking for professional grade tools for home gun smithing work and adds a large assortment of flat bits, providing more versatility to fit a wider variety of screw heads used on firearms. The Deluxe, 77-piece kit includes a punch set, hammer, and bench block making the Weaver MultiBit Gunsmith Tool Kit complete for professional use or for at home gunsmiths.


About this item

  • Hunting gun smiting equipment
  • 77-piece set ideal for most at-home gunsmithing efforts
  • Durable plastic case features blow-molded compartments to effective organize components
  • Driver features soft, ergonomic handle grip for easy adjustments


(No reviews yet) Write a Review