Tikka T3X Compact Tactical Rifle, 6.5 Creedmoor

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Product Description

The Tikka® T3X Compact Tactical Rifle (CTR) Bolt-Action Rifle is an innovative, well-designed, multipurpose rifle that adapts to a wide range of shooting environments. This tactical rifle utilizes a detachable 10-round steel magazine to enhance firepower and accelerate reloading. The modular synthetic stock comes with a vertical angled grip to assist in shooting from the prone position; and, optional interchangeable pistol grips are available to modify the angle of the grip for shooting from multiple positions. A polymer cheek rest helps align the shooter's eye with optical sights. The stock also features a foam insert that helps lessen noise. The T3X rifle uses a 2-lug bolt with a 75° lift that cycles effortlessly. The 75° bolt lift aids in keeping hand and gloves away from the scope and speeds the cycling process. An enlarged ejection port facilitates feeding rounds one at a time. The T3X Compact Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle features a single-stage adjustable trigger that breaks crisp and clean, allowing you to make quick, accurate shots under field conditions. Soft rubber recoil pad absorbs mild shock produced during recoil. Additional screw placements on top of the receiver provide for secure attachment of a scope base or a Picatinny rail.

  • Detachable 10-round steel magazine
  • Modular synthetic stock
  • Vertical angled grip
  • Polymer cheek rest
  • 2-lug bolt with a 75° lift
  • Enlarged ejection port
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Compatible with Picatinny rail

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