KCI 33rd 9mm Glock Magazine

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Product Description

9mm 33-round magazine for Glock 17, 19, 26 and 34 pistols

Providing a high-value alternative to expensive factory Glock magazines, KCI Glock magazines are perfect for rough use, tactical drills, and any other application that might put aggressive wear on magazines and equipment.

These 9mm extended Glock magazines are built with the same polymer and steel design as factory Glock magazines. Designed for use with Glock Gen 3 or later. Internal springs are made from heat-treated chrome silicon wire, and like many new extended magazines might need to be loaded and reloaded several times before accepting full capacity.

Loading to half capacity and leaving overnight will ease future loadings.

Grab a few extended magazines for your Glock to double down on firepower today.

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