Techna Clip - Glock 42 (Conceal Carry gun belt clip)

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- This Concealment System helps you eliminate the bulk and Printing of your daily conceal-carry device.

- Techna Clip is a Minimalist Holster solution for those who Conceal Carry.

- Included: (Black) Milled Billet back plate, High Carbon Spring Steel belt clip, plated with Teflon Stone Coat 5100, Screws and locking Washers.

- Quick 5 minute install with NO modification required. Installs on the (either side) of the gun.

- Compatible with the Glock 42. Not compatible with the Glock 43.

- Product is backed by Full Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty! - Patent Pending!

- Features: a ambidextrous clip with protrusions that aid in gripping the clip when pulling the slide back.

- Will not fit Gen 5 models