Speedfeed Remington 870 Pistol Grip

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Pistol Grip Shotgun Stock Set

Give your shotgun a tactical boost with the Pistol Grip Shotgun Stock Set from Speedfeed, a leading supplier of specialized shotguns and accessories designed for law enforcement. Speedfeed's kit is thoughtfully designed with a unique angle to the shotgun's plane, creating a smoother, more comfortable shooting experience. The innovative design also ensures felt recoil is kept at a minimum, delivering greater control over shots. The set includes a compact grip and matching forend, all crafted from durable and lightweight glass-filled polymer. All mounting hardware is included for convenient and effortless installation.


Fits: Remington 870 shotgun
Material: Glass-filled polymer
Unique angle provides a more comfortable shooting experience
Felt recoil minimized for greater control and accuracy
Textured grip and forend for superior handling
Includes all mounting hardware for easy installation