Pretty Girl Carry Lite Decoy (Hen)

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Scores of hunters have come to love the Pretty Girl Carry-Lite Turkey Decoy for its effectiveness and realism. Now Carry-Lite would like to introduce the Pretty Penny hen decoy, the latest innovation in Carry-Lite hen turkey decoys. Sure to get gobblers all worked up, the most exciting advancement on the Pretty Penny hen decoy is the head. Every Pretty Penny hen decoy comes with two heads molded from real freeze-dried taxidermy turkey heads for the utmost realism. One is the "contented" head and one is the "breeding" head. These allow you to more realistically portray the most effective position on your next turkey hunt.

Our Pretty Penny Carry-Lite Turkey Decoy also features a new, softer material. This new material enables you to more easily fold the turkey decoy and carry it in your hunting vest. The paint scheme is also dramatically improved, and was designed by Harold Knight and David Hale of Knight & Hale Game Calls. They oversaw every aspect of this decoy's production to ensure maximum fidelity to nature. Set the Pretty Penny hen turkey decoy up on the included stake, or arrange it sitting on the ground in a breeding position. Either way, you'll have a hen decoy that those prize gobblers won't be able to resist. VMInnovations is an authorized Carry-Lite dealer that sells new, warranted products!