Porterfield Gator Tail Tomahawk

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Invented by the Algonquian Indians hundreds of years ago, the tomahawk became a mainstay of warfare weaponry, eventually used not only by Native American warriors but also the United States Army.

Tactical tomahawks are increasingly popular with weapons enthusiasts. While they no longer are used for their first design – taking out the enemy – tactical tomahawks have become popular with civilians particularly for their use in throwing competitions. 

Each Gator Tail Tomahawk is made in the USA with hand-ground 80CrV2 Steel, with a 9.5” Handle Length, 3.75” Blade Length, weighing in at  2lbs. 9.7oz.   The Gator Tail Tomahawk comes in a variety of blade and handle finishes, Hex Fasteners SS Lanyard Hole and Kydex Sheath!