OTIS MSR/AR 7.62/.308 Cleaning Kit

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Compact, lightweight and portable, the MSR/AR Cleaning Kit is the answer to the proper care & maintenance of AR-style .308cal/7.62mm rifles. Includes Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning gear and precision cleaning tools for tackling carbon and fouling in the bore, chamber and bolt carrier group. Made in the USA and contained in a lightweight, compact softpack case.



  • Cleans .308cal/7.62mm rifles
  • 100% cotton 3” patches and large slotted tip
  • .308cal/7.62mm bronze bore brush and Mongoose® combo swab/brush with size marked on brush stem (2 each included)
  • 8” and 30” aircraft grade Memory-Flex® cables for proper Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
  • Large obstruction remover knocks out mud, snow, stuck casings and doubles as a t-handle base for included t-handle
  • B.O.N.E.® Tool quickly and effectively scrapes carbon from bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin
  • .308cal/7.62mm chamber brush, pin punch, end brush, scraper, straight & bent pick, locking lug scraper, short AP brush and rod handles for more precise cleaning
  • Also includes chamber flag, 0.5 fl.oz. Bio CLP, microfiber gun cloth & instruction manual
  • All items packed neatly in a 4”x4”x2.5” soft pack case
  • No Nonsense Warranty
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in the USA