HPR 85gr Black Ops 9mm - 20rds

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  Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC is the manufacturer of HPR’s trademarked OTF projectile, which creates HyperExpansion and transfers 100% of Energy into the target, as shown by Image 1 below.  HyperExpansion refers to wound channel damage in excess of 5 times the size of the initial projectile diameter.  A projectile that has created HyperExpansion into its target:

  •     Wreaks havoc on soft tissue by creating mass force trauma;
  •     Increases the probability of organ damage at point of impact;
  •     More organ damage means faster neutralization; and
  •     Creates massive, temporary, and larger than normal, permanent wound cavity damage.

HyperExpansion limits and reduces over-penetration, making the projectile much more desirable for home defensive scenarios.