CZ TS 2 Pistol in 9mm

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Product Overview

On Christmas day, CZ launched their new TS 2, a single-action-only 9mm pistol featuring an incredible sport trigger, long sight radius, and a high capacity. The TS 2 evolved from the CZ Tactical Sport, a competition-ready pistol known in the sport-shooting world for its crisp single-action trigger and long sight radius. Mimicking the slide profile of the CZ Shadow 2, the TS 2's reciprocating weight is focused as low as possible. Paired with a redesigned frame and improved ergonomics, the muzzle flip is less noticeable than ever.

Front and rear cocking serrations on the new TS 2 pistol make slide manipulation easy, and a set of fixed target sights with a fiber optic front are robust enough to withstand the rigors of competition. Aluminum grips, aggressive checkering, and a healthy magwell cap it off. Also, the TS 2 will accept the wide variety of custom parts already available for the Tactical Sport platform.

CZ TS 2 Pistol Specs

  • SKU: 91220
  • Purpose: Competition
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 20rd
  • Grips: Blue Aluminum
  • Frame: Steel
  • Trigger Mech: Single Action
  • Sights: Fixed Rear and Fiber Optic Front
  • Barrel Length: 5.23 In
  • Height: 5.8 In
  • Width: 1.57 In
  • Weight: 48 Oz
  • Overall Length: 8.86 In
  • Safety: Ambi Manual Safety
  • MSRP: $1,699


(No reviews yet) Write a Review